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The last bit of construction is the Hi Gain antenna ... I wish New Ware had supplied this complex part, it woulda saved me from building it ... off and on, it took all day yesterday.


I used Mike Mackowski's Apollo CSM reference and Vincent Meens 3D model from his website for reference, plus 6 or 7 photos.

The parts at the bottom of this image are just styrene rod, tube and strip ...





... cutting bits for the Horn, which will be sanded and carved.





... this'll be carved into a bevelled square shape ...







... my 'jig' for assembly ...







... and I'll hafta form the dishes on a curved surface and do the final assembly.




I'm awaiting some Styrene rod from my hobby shop and will do the large Radiators and then tweak the CSM and paint it ... I hope!


Thanx for taking a peek!


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Almost done ... just the 4 little disks on top of the dish horns 







And this little subassembly is done. The dishes didn't form very well ... maybe I should have annealed 'em to be a little more flexible??





My use of PE is pretty limited and this PE is fairly thick and it didn't conform very well to my curved surface ... oh well, you can only tell from certain angles ...




My styrene 1/2 round came in and it looks like I ordered the wrong size. 1.5 mm instead of 1.0 mm ... so I may run in to a delay should I choose to order another package of 1/2 round ...


There's just 10 days left in this GB and Real Life is rearing it's ugly head, so I hope to complete this by then, but ... we shall see.


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Looking real good Pete - hang in there!  Where do you order the 1/2 round from - I didn't even know there was such a thing.  I'm inspired by your build - I've got the same kit - new - but haven't had the fire in the belly to do what you're doin'.

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Thanx Mick!

Ret, years ago I went to the Evergreen Scale Model site and when you see the wide variety of extruded styrene they have for scale modelling, you'll be amazed!


I get mine from Wheels and Wings on the Danforth in T.O. All the hobby shops in this area have closed down so I order my stuff from these guys and they're quick.

And I wish I could keep the 'fire in the belly' consistently, but it ebbs and flows ... I hope it flows better in the Winter months!

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Well, it's still August 31th, and I wanted to get the Large Radiators built, and they are ... the following are self-explanatory ...













There's still a lotta little things to do yet, add all the RCS thrusters, add the 2 scimitar antennae, some access panels ( out of Aluminum Foil ) onto the CM and like that ... but I'm glad I got the Large Radiators done ...




Thanx guys for participating in this GB ... this is the last official day for it!


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Lost Erik, thanks very much ... !

Mick, this GB was fun for me ... a little disappointing on a few fronts, but overall, FUN!


I'm pretty sure this is the last bit of construction on this ... Archer Rivet decals, plus the scimitar antennae





Using copper wire this is the wiring to the Hi Gain antenna. The pin is the hinge and the antenna will telescope to different positions too. I mean, I need something to move when I'm playing with this in the tub! Right?





And I masked the bottom of the Heat Shield on the CM. In a little while, I'll spray everything with Flat White then the colour coats




I think I'm gonna move the next steps over to the Real Space forum along with a couple preliminary images for context ...


I'll see y'all over there!


Thanx for taking a peek here!


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