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Really nice job Randy! And your scribing is ... just ... fine.

It's difficult for me to visualize just how small 1/144 is but, I have a 1/144 Saturn V that was an ebay purchase, included in a box of other stuff, a few years ago.


So I took a picture of it ... and your added details .. like the tiny decals, your masking and the PE items are impressive. Man, all that on this small model.

You must have small hands!  :worship: ... and good eyes!


Such a terrific model!




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Well clear coating is done.  The stand is complete.  The project is done.  Here is the final update.


I sanded the wooden base block and sprayed it with gray primer.  Then after that had cured, I drew three chord lines on it.  Then I drew a bisector for each of those chords.  Where the bisectors intersect is the center of the circle.  You can see that my bisectors were just a bit off, but since I drew three, I could average the difference and come out with a hole that was pretty close to the center.


The lines are in pencil so they don't show up well, but you can see the intersecting bisectors.


Now I have a center hole to place the rod that will hold the Saturn V in place.


I then painted on two coats of flat black paint, then when that had cured I put on a coat of Pledge Clear Floor Finish.  Then I put the custom Apollo 15 decal that I had printed on my Alps printer.  When the decal had dried I then put on a final coat of Pledge Clear Floor Finish.


Here is the base with the rod inserted.


Here is a close up of the custom decal I made.  The colors look better in person than the picture shows.  The blue chevron is actually navy blue even though the picture makes it look black.



And here she is, SA-510 Apollo 15, all assembled and on her stand.  She's ready to take her place in my 1/144 US Manned Launchers rocket garden.


Finally here are a few photos of the details on the finished model.












It's been a fun project.  Next up is to finish my 1/144 Voskhod, that is about 90% done.  After that I think I'll do a 1/144 2001 Discovery or 1/72 Millennium Falcon for a change of pace before I do my next real space subject.  I have decided that the next Saturn V I do will have the stages separated and I think it will be displayed horizontally to show all the cool engine details.


Thanks for looking, this has been kind of cool to post my progress in this forum for the first time.  You guys are the greatest, lots of praise and some helpful hints.  I'll be offline for a week or so, since I'm having surgery for a detached retina on Monday.  But after that, I'll be back at the bench working on the next project.


I'll make a post in the completed build section and show a pic of my rocket garden.


Thanks for following along.



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This looks GREAT!

Even something as simple as the way you found the centre of the base ... ah-h-h, that is a bit of a lost art. I find myself waxing nostalgic about working on a Drafting Table, with Set Squares, Parallel Rules, Circle and Ellipse Templates and Mechanical Pencils, Mylar and Vellum more and more. Thanx for this little bit of geometry and the jaunt down memory lane!


You should be proud of this build Randy. Months down the road, you'll be visiting this thread, almost not believing that you put such an amount of work into a model but proud to have it in your possession. I know I will be referring to this thread because it has inspired me to re-build the busted up eBay find of mine, once I get back "on my feet".


Many Thanx for participating in this Group Build ... it's been a real pleasure watching your progress!

I'm sure we all hope to see you here on ARC and on the Real Space forum too!





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