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Stephen and Lyta


As a long term B 17 student and grandfather to 3 boys, one girl, and 1 more girl on the way, I am always on the alert for B 17 models and anything built by a non adult. 


Although I am not impressed with the accuracy of the kit--obviously out of your control--I am most impressed by the work done on it by both of you especially Lyta.   Had there been no description I would have assumed it was built completely by an adult with a lot of experience to deal with the kit malfunctions.  Very well  done, and I hope you keep an interest in our hobby and do many more models.


Thanks for the photos of the Lego support and the toilet paper roll stabilizer. I will add those ideas to my in progress methods.  


I will be showing this model to my grandsons the next time they are here. Ages are 9/6/3 so there is hope I can recruit at least a few of them after they see your work. 


I have the Visible 1/48 B 17G here that I will be starting shortly to duplicate the plane of a friend's father. I am guessing it will take 6-9 months to complete. You have inspired me to get moving on this project once ordered detail kits arrive. 


Keep up the good work. 




Fred Branyan  

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Many thanks Fred.

Once we got past the sanding and filling stage, we had fun with it. Sanding isn't her favourite part of modelling and on this kit, it did seem to go on for a while!! I've tried to stay hands off as much as possible, but giving lots of guidance on how to do things the right way, rather than just let her slap it together any old how! One of the reasons I introduced her to modelling is to teach her patience and that some things in life don't happen immediately at the touch of a button. I think she's beginning to understand that watching something slowly grow from a pile of pieces into a finished piece of art can be more satisfying.


I'm pleased you picked up a couple of tips from our build. Another is to use "Blu-tac" poster adhesive to stick the glue and paint pots to the bench to prevent spills.


Our latest project is the Airfix Battlefront set. The picture below shows the latest progress but the full build thread is here - Airfix D-Day Battlefront Set



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