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19 hours ago, K2Pete said:

The Large bump on the Descent Stage's aft is the LRV equipment pallets.

Thanks Pete, I got LR pallet one. I just seen in your build, it's a battery. I'm not familiar with it. Got any info on that?. I'm getting allot of references for the later landers quads, on the 3D Printed LEM's site

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I haven't found too much info on the Batteries, but Vincent's 3D build is a trove of good stuff. Where he found all these details ... I guess we'll never know.

Scott Sullivan's book Virtual LM, has the Battery location, but Vincent has the cosmetic covering too.


Here's a link to his page, but you already mentioned you go here.

http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-32 LM/J009.html


Randy, the Resin for this LM, and mine, are from New Ware. Tom, at New Ware provides Resin and PE in his LM update kit.





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Thanks Randy, Pete and Crackers. It's coming along slowly, just want to make sure all details are added before foiling.


Modified thruster deflectors


Added putty to ascent stage, and to battery area on descent.


Porch landing area I added putty around the resin part, and windows for later detailing with foil.


I didn't like the putty so replaced it with .5mm plastic card.



Ok just fixed that rear ascent panel again



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I completed an Apollo model, a 1/1 build of a Apollo 13 hat 😆. I have an embroidery machine at work, and I've been taking advantage of it. The real hats of the time, are of course different. This is kind of a, Apollo 13 Movie style.



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Good Stuff Mick!!


Your LM's Ascent stage is looking good ... the Descent Stage as well.

I'm happy to see the adjustment you made to the aft panels on the Ascent Stage

One material I used for the Ascent Stage's panels was thick Aluminum Foil ... like what you get in a Frozen Lasagna Pan. Cut it to shape and glue with CA. Its look may be close to what you'd like to see.

Your putty details probably won't be necessary and you may be surprised, pleasantly, by how much the Foil will hide.   :thumbsup:


Your diorama is looking really good!


And your Cap ... dang, it looks real enough to me! Nice job Mick!!


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Thanks Pete, well keep an eye out in the mail. I found some spare decals in my big box of decals to fix up 64 as you only get one set in the kit of 2. 


I've painted Divers and Astronauts and inserted the pilots, not that you can see them well. You can see the micro sol in top pic Pete, this version is for decals. 


A bit of photo shop here.

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WOW ... this is looking so-o-o good!!

The last photoshopped image looks like an undiscovered photo of the event! Really well done Mick!!!  :worship:


And I'll be waiting for the mail girl to see what she brings ... I mean, yesterday WAS April Fool's Day!  :pray:


Thanx Mick!


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Thanks guys, I'm going to try and get things done this weekend. I'm off to sea for 2 weeks. But I'll be taking along other space models, to build in my off watch. Once the dio is done, I'll take better and more nostalgic pics of it like the real pics for comparison 😀

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Ok.  Week off work and I'm done, I just have to remake the black frame. Choppers are complete now, with yagi antenna, other antenna, cameras, weathering, markings. The Astronauts have there garments on, to protect from Moon germs, along with inflated life preserves. Divers are wearing tanks, raft has flippers in with a tank and bag. Couple of camera guys hanging out of helo 64. Float bags and details on float colar.


 I'll need a new plaque, this one is from another model. Maybe "Apollo 11 Splashdown"20190715_184926

66 wearing Apollo 8 and 10 capsules, 11 is added after landing on USS Hornet.




Aircrew signal divers, for rescue basket deployment


Apollo 13 inspired this shot


A modeller here suggested I put clear discs on choppers. Hmm not to sure.


It was hard to take these shots, without trees, powerlines, houses in the way.


The base is 6mm clear Perspex, then epoxy glued 3mm crackled pattern Perspex on top of that. Then 2 part resin mixed with blue paint. Also a light spray of metallic blue over top once dry.


Action shot

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Geez Mick ... I thought the last posting from April looked pretty good ... but the finished one ... WOW!

The water and those retouched Sunlit pix look genuine, from the event!

I haven't looked too closely at it, yet, but I like the frogman securing the hatch, that's a terrific pose!


And FYI, I've been wearing my cap ( thanx again Lad! ) and have had just a few people come up to discuss the 50th anniversary ... and they're all old farts!

Oh wait ... so am I!!  :rofl:


Thanx Mick! If you haven't done so already, be sure to post a few images in the COMPLETED BUILDS folder.


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Thanks guys, I've been away allot and have only managed to see few pics of all your builds, via the terrible WiFi I have onboard. But hey any WiFi at sea is a luxury. I will go back in and check them all out. 


Pete, I'm as young as Neil, when he walked on the moon, heh. But yes, when I look around at my work, old fart 😆.


I'll post complete pics once I lock the frame to perspex. 

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