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LF 1/48 Sukhoi Logo Decal

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Hi all,

I'm getting things sorted out for an upcoming Su-17M4 I'm planning to build but running into an issue on the markings.  I am looking for one iteration of the Sukhoi archer logo (or whatever it's called) that faces starboard (see photo below). Of note is that this particular version of the marking has a red star on the blue of the archer.  Seems like 95% of the logos I can find on other sheets are only for the port side. The sheet from the screenshot below is from the Eduard boxing #1149, but if a similar decal exists from another kit or aftermarket sheet, that would be fine too, provided it is between 3/4" to 1" in length.  I will gladly pay any shipping and am willing to toss a couple bucks your way, even if you never planned to use that marking.






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