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The Modern Viper Guide, 2nd Edition!!!

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On 6/14/2019 at 7:36 AM, Grindcore said:

On your site it says availability-pre-order.  

If I order what's the expected wait time?






He is past the pre-order state.  Orders are going out.  Jake ships by media mail within the US which can take up to 2 weeks

to receive. I had one of his books take 3 weeks just to get from his location down to Texas.  USPS seems to route media mail

all over the place.




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If only that amazingly rediculous shipping prizes would be lower, I would have bought them all! but now, shipping only 15 $ short of the price of both books, 2 for the price of 4... no way

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You realize I don't set shipping prices, right?  Complaining here does no good.  I actually charge substantially less than what it actually costs me.

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I do and this was not meant to harm your bussiness.


However, have you maybe considered a EU and/or an Asian book retailer to which you can send the books intercompany which results in cheaper shipping costs and lesser taxes for you and that dirrectly translates in to a much more attractive price. An extra, for the EU at least, is no extra customs fees.


That was actually my point, sorry for not explaining that earlier.

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