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1/48 F-16 intakes for Tamiya ready

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Finally ready to ship these intakes to Sprue Brothers they will be in three offerings

  • 48017   1/48 F-16 MCID/ Large Mouth Intake for Tamiya. Block 30/49/50/60 - GE engines
  • 48018   1/48 F-16 NSI/ Small Mouth Intake for Tamiya.  Block 42/52/62 or others with Heavy Weight main gear
  • 48019   1/48 F-16 NSI/ Small Mouth Intake for Tamiya.   Block 5/10/15/20/25/32 with Light weight main gear


I will be at  AtlantaCON 2019 and will have a few on hand for sale there.   The Intakes come with the intake lip as a separate part, but you can use the plastic one if you like.   The intakes also use the Tamiya kit side ent covers and the heater/splitter vane in the intake.  The intake is designed to accept the kit main gear parts or aftermarket main gear bays.  They fit the fuselage with no modifications.

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Hey Gary, it looks like these will be a welcome addition to our Viper builds. One question for you, although I have some of the Tamiya kits I haven't yet put one together so what are the benefits to your intakes over the kit ones?

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one piece seamless which eliminates the filling and sanding and difficult work in dealing with the plastic parts.    Look at it 15 minute prep and install vs several hours of work and days waiting for the putty to dry.

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Hi Gary,
I was looking forward to these.  I can testify to the difficulty of building Tamiya's F-16 intakes.  One challenge is that the intake lip is a smidge too.  Not to mention all the filling, sanding, and painting.  It will be well worth the money, especially with Tamiya F-16s being at a nice price point.

The fit looks good.  But it was hard to tell from the SprueBrother's pics the level of detail. Do you have additional pics.  I'd like to pick up a couple.




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Detail matches Tamiya stock parts.


Because they are do new I have not built a finished model to show them so no additional pictures.   I am sure you will like them.

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