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hello guys and gals!

i'm back after a long journey with the mikro-mir 1/144 tu-22kd.

it was a true adventure, where i had  litterally to carve the parts out of gigantic flashes and misaligned moldings.

actually i had to carve out the single parts as from raw pieces of styrene, where the telling of where the real part started, and where it was to be cut away was really a blind guess.

on the other side there was an incredible molding skill that produced fine details as if a good 1/72 kit had been downsized to 1/144. this meant lots of microscopic parts so thin that just cutting them free of the  -gigantic- injection pins would break them. and break they did also once assembled, so it was a repair, assemble, break, repair and assemble again job.

in the whole i spent more time cutting, sanding, filling, sanding again, reshaping and repainting, than building.

at first i was aghast and quite angry at mikro-mir, but going on with this sort of zen koan, i went into a state of true serendipity, where time was stretched and the many challenges became just  parts of this journey that could have lasted endlessly, confronting the problems bit by bit, day after day with no hurrry, no harshness at all but as a sort of truely peaceful thread that i followed...until the last acrobatic masking, the last microscopic antenna were done and ohh...it was finished, yeah, my tu-22 was finished and i was almost surprised of that, and obviously happy, and my soul opened to frank proudness for i had made it! i had made her and there she stood, mean, cold-war-like, aggresive, alien and beautiful as i only dreamed that i could make it.

so, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my new love here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pwoReJ2QaarWQSiZ9

i hope you'll enjoy as i do.

best ciaos and happy modeling!


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I have been interested in seeing how this kit looks when finished and this is the first one i have seen. Sounds like overall the kit is sound (based upon Modelsvit 1/72 design i believe), but with a really crude molding quality requiring a lot of work. Nice job on the model.👍 Will be interesting if their 1/144 B-2 will be slightly better in terms of quality...

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hi berkut.

thank you for appreciating my -hard- job on the blinder.:cheers:

actually, i'm not sure that i would embark myself on another mikro-mir kit...or as for that on any eastern european manufacturers' kit.

now i know enough about their quality standards and don't have any confidence that they can do anything better than what they've been doing.

which is deplorable...👎

i say it again, berkut: a zen exercise is an interesting experience, but one needs to be a monk to insist.

i'd rather hope that some chinese company puts its hands on the 1/144 b-2...it seems that this scale is becoming more popular lately.

best of ciaos, bobo.

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