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FS: Kits, Aftermarket & Decals - WWII to Modern

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Thanks for looking.  And please feel free to make an offer, the worst I will say is, “No, thanks.” 


Sales only, I am not looking for trades. Please respond via email, I will only periodically read PMs.  Email is:  cjhamilton AT gmail (you know the rest).  Cheers!  CJH






Bronco Models  USS Independence – LCS-2               $17        Open box, sealed parts

Dragon                USS Ticonderoga – CG-47                 $30        Sealed (cellophane is damaged)

Dragon                USS Hewitt – DD-966                          $28        Sealed




Huma                   Messerschmitt Me 609                     $14        Open box, sealed parts

Huma                   Messerschmitt Me 209 V5               $12        Open box, sealed parts

Huma                   Focke Wulf Trieblflugl                       $42         Open box, sealed parts

Huma                   Henschel Hs 132                               $11         Open box, sealed parts

Huma                   Junkers Ju 287 Bomber                   $42         Open box, sealed parts




Academy (Kinetic) KF-16D ‘ROKAF Falcon’                  $22        Open box, sealed parts (Kinetic kit that includes JDAMs and AMRAAMs - it's not the old Academy kit)

Aires                      Ju-88 A-4 Cockpit Set                       $16         Sealed

Airfix                      S2B Buccaneer                                   $30        Open box, sealed parts

AMT                       MiG-27 Flogger-D                               $5          Sealed (cellophane damaged)

ESCI/ERTL            MiG-23 Flogger S                               $5           Sealed

Hasegawa            F-51D Mustang ‘Korean War’           $13         Sealed

Hobby Craft         MiG-27 Flogger-D                               $5           Sealed, but parts sound loose inside.

Hobby Craft         MiG-27 Flogger ‘Desert Storm’         $5           Sealed

Monogram           F-4J Phantom ‘MiG Ace’                    $7          Open box, 95% parts on sprues, all present

Panda                   F-35 Lightning II ‘NATO Fighter’        $8          Open box, sealed parts (includes JDAMs)

Revell                   A-6E Intruder                                        $10         Sealed

Revell                   MiG-25 Foxbat                                     $10         Open box, 95% parts on sprues, all present

Revell-Germany  MiG-25 Foxbat                                     $8           Open box, sealed parts




Tamiya                A6M5 Zero ‘Type 52’                           $72        Sealed                 






SuperScale          72-274                 Low-viz US insignia in FS 17038, 36495, 36375 & 36237   $2

SuperScale          72-623                 Su-25 Frogfoot – Iran, Iraq, Czech and USSR   $3




Caracal Decals   CD48025            T-45C Part 3 – Shark mouth   $12

Cutting Edge      CED48181           F-105 – Fancy Girls Part 3: F-105D & F’s   $20

Fox One               48-020                 F-106A Delta Darts, Part 1 - California & Montana ANG, 539 FIS and 2 FIS  $10

Microscale          48-174                 F-86D – 469 FIS & 94 FIS   $4

Microscale          48-275                 F-105D/F – Virginia ANG 149 TFS   $4

SuperScale          48-192                 A-4M/TA-4J Skyhawks – VMA-211, 331 and USN Composite Sqd. 13   $4

SuperScale          48-416                 A-6E Intruders – VA-85, 115 & VMA-533 & 224 w/ Desert Storm Mission Markings   $8

Iliad Design         48-020                 F-104 Starfighters in Combat – USAF 8 TFW at Udorn AB, Jordanian AF, Taiwanese AF, Pakistani AF & Turkish AF   $8

TwoBobs             48-035                 AH-1W Cobras – Whiskeys in the Mix   $12

TwoBobs             48-039                 F-14B – Red Ripper Muthas’   $9

TwoBobs             48-096                 F-14B – VF-103 Jolly Rogers Final Tomcat Cruise   $12

TwoBobs             48-113                 RF-4C – No-Gun Shoguns (Kadena AB)   $10




CAM Decals        32-004                 F-4B Phantom II – VF-32 Swordsmen   $8

CAM Decals        32-017                 F-4J Phantom II – VF-41 Black Aces   $8

Microscale          32-27                   F-4J Phantom II’s – VF-31 Felix the Cat & VF-96 Black Falcons   $8

SuperScale          32-134                F-16N/TF-16N Data   $3

Yellowhammer   32-07                   F-4J Phantom II – VF-96 Cunningham/Driscoll Ace Markings   $15



The fine print:  Shipping is not included (USPS insured), PayPal only. Will ship worldwide from 09624 (DPO). If you have questions or concerns, please email me before the sale.

I am happy to ship worldwide, but shipping outside of the United States is at your risk (any damage, customs fees, etc., are your responsibility).

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