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So I’m working on the Kinetic EA-6B and it’s coming together. I was placing the nose cone part and saw the instructions suggested weighting down the nose. I took my putty and filled the cone up and slide a couple quarters in as well for good measure. After an hour or so I glued the nose on the jet. The next day I painted the model. Now this afternoon, (24 hours after the paint job), I noticed wrinkles in the nose. As touched to see what was going on and the nose dented in like it was chewing gum when I touched it. I literally pulled it apart. It appears the putty disintegrated the plastic. Now I need a replacement nose cone. I have emailed Kinetic’s address I found online, but in case I can’t get a replacement part, does anyone have any suggestions for a new nose cone? Thanks, and now lesson learned about using putty in that manner.





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We learn the putty lesson I did the same thing to a F-18 Not long ago. Next time use silly putty or just crazy glue every in place.


As for the nose most companies keep spare parts for just this occasion. I have ordered parts just send the kit description, sprune tree number and part number from the instructions. Good luck.

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