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AK Real Colors Luftwaffe RLM83...blue?

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Just for curiosity I ordered a bunch of colors from the new AK Real Colors Aircraft line,and one of the german aircraft colors, RLM83, came up ...umm..blue?  I know, I know, I am stepping into a deadly minefield but I find it odd, since I have this color for other manufacturer and all of these are represented as a dark green color. And, to add more intrigue to this topic, AK's RLM66 is represented as a dark greenish color that looks to me more to RLM83(!!).


Anyone else share my concerns?

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1 hour ago, boom175 said:

Here is a link to there explanation of RLM-66. Even if they get all there research correct, it's still up to whoever makes the paint to mix it to that research.



Thanks for the link. I guess if I want more info. will have to buy the companion book that came out with the Real Color release. 

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The RLM83 is actually blue debate has come up recently, and while at least one researcher believes that to be case, it’s far from being widely accepted.  I believe as part of this theory, the blue RLM83 is a color used on propellers, not as a camo topcoat to be used in conjunction RLM81 or 82, so I don’t think the intention is that the upper surfaces of late war Luftwaffe aircraft get painted blue.

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