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Rules, That ain't real GB

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What rules?


This is for anything that is NOT real. A Russian CF-105 Arrow. Multi engine glider. Luft 46. As long as its not factory spec out of the box.


Also, any sci-fi. Can be out of the box following (eg) Star Trek cannon. Or one thing I plan on.....A X-Wing fighter with United Federation of planets markings.



As of now there are no prizes, so just the usual rules.......Show photos of your build, before you begin. A few during the build and a couple at the end of the build in your own thread. Please add a couple photos when your done to the finished builds section. Hajo and I are the moderators on this one.


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Well, as long as its not too far along.  Standard GB rules. Fuselage not glued together cockpit started is normally fine. There is no prizes in this GB so a little on the started side should not be a problem.

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Pheeew, I´m lucky in this case. I had started my EC-135 but so far had only assembled the instrument panel and the seats and painted that. So I think I´m still within the limits, right?




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With my health the mess it is, having the end date be September is a very good thing! 
Are lots of days my body isn't good for making progress.
And I'm going to submit a project which has just barely been started.
Worked on it a little bit today, actually.

Now, to get some pictures here while having insomnia at 12:45 and listening to Coast to Coast AM.

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All night I've been wondering what the difference between the "That ain't real" group build and the "Ain't that real" group build would be.

But now I need to go get ready to go to our local creative writers group meeting.

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