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WTB/WTTF 1/48 early B-1B decals Fox One & SuperScale

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Looking for SuperScale 48-351, 48-398, and Fox One 48-007, will take a partial sheet.


Here's what I have for trade:


Caracal 48-092 B-1B

Caracal 48-057 T-38A Pt 2

Caracal 48-056 F-16 CAS Vipers

Caracal 48-074 Fighters of Austin

Afterburner 48-004 Wing Kings 1 F-16

Afterburner 48-014 PACAF Wing Kings F-16

Afterburner 48-015 Viper Air Forces F-16

Afterburner 48-040 Double Ugly F-4

Afterburner 48-026 Test Vipers F-16

Afterburner 48-042 Snakes on a Plane VFA-86

Afterburner 48-075 Hill Vipers 388 FW

Afterburner 48-067 Luke Vipers 56 FW

TwoBobs 48-165 F-16C 79 FS TMOTA

TwoBobs 48-209 F-16A/C/D Test

Flying Leathernecks 48-022 VMFA-122

SuperScale 48-310 A-6E VA-35 VA-95 VMA-535

Superscale 48-359 A-6E VA-138, VA-85, VA-34

SpeedHunter 48-005 Test Vipers

SpeedHunter 48-010 USAFE Vipers

YellowWings 48-082 USN N2S-3

YellowWings 48-033 USN OS2U-1 VO-1 & VO-2

YellowWings 48-035 USN OS2U Fuselage bands & chevrons


Steel Beach 48001 E-2B conversion

Ultracast 48-205 WWII USAAF Fighter pilot

Eduard 49060 USAAF Fabric Seatbelts 1/48

LifeLike 72-015 B-17 Pt 2

Warbird 72-018 KC-130J/C-130

Caracal 144001 KC-135R 


Thanks for looking-



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