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North American Mitchell B-25c/d. Airfix 1:72

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Posted in the right forum this time!


The latest release of the Airfix B-25C/D, with markings for an RAF aircraft. 

All painted with Mr. Paints, and a lot of weathering using oils. 


Hope you like it.

46435760705_3d358cae25_k.jpgb-25-41by Nigel Poole, on Flickr


47297953892_fe4975ed79_k.jpgb-25-44by Nigel Poole, on Flickr


47297953482_b4aee444d5_k.jpgb-25-47by Nigel Poole, on Flickr


47297953252_3f77d4dc1b_k.jpgb-25-48by Nigel Poole, on Flickr


32408828457_b95d534c7f_k.jpgb-25-49by Nigel Poole, on Flickr


32408828357_d4a7e9378a_k.jpgb-25-52by Nigel Poole, on Flickr



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Nice! I like the way you've painted the upper turret base. All the pics of the first release show the lower area unpainted/left clear. Do the new instructions call for this or was it just you doing it right?




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The instructions don’t mention it, but I did notice it on the paint guide. Then confirmed it on photos. 

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