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Wolfpak Decals Spring Release

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Gentlemen:  The latest from Wolfpak Decals:

Sheet 72-124, Rebels with a Cause.  The first two subjects on this sheet are from the Virginia Air National Guard.  An A-7D from 1987 in the Euro I scheme followed by the “Red River Raider”, a F-105D from 1978.   From a more recently, a U-2S from a deployed location of the 9th RW in the fall of 2018.  You have the option of doing this with the tail markings that were present before deployment or with the chalk nose art once the aircraft was deployed.  Tried to capture the scruffy look of the chalk art in the laser printed piece.  An A-37B from the 138th SOS, “Boys from Syracuse” follows.  For the last subject you have 4 options for bare metal B-52’s.  The first one is a B-52E from the 6th SAW at Walker AFB, NM.  The B-52E IS EXTERNALLY IDENTICAL TO THE B-52D so it can be built out of the box from any B-52D. Kit.  The next 3 options will require conversion kits.  They are 3 B-52F’s with gloss black bottoms.  These aircraft are from the 3 wings that had their squadrons deployment to Guam to support the Vietnam War between April 1965 and April 1966.  The first aircraft, “Thunder Express” is from the 7th Bomb Wing.  Next up is an un-named jet from the 454th BW that the actor and Brig. General Jimmy Stewart flew a mission on.  Last is a B-52F, “Lady Luck” with four aces playing card artwork with the ace of spades high.  This is the first aircraft to fly 100 missions.

Sheet 72-125, Last of the Mohicans.  First up is a F-35C from VFA-147, the first operational squadron in the U.S. Navy.  This is the unit by which the Navy achieved IOC, (Initial Operational Capability) for the F-35C.  Next is a F-16C from the 149th FS of the Virginia Air National Guard.  A F-35A from the 421st FS, Black Windows which began receiving their aircraft in December of 2018 follows.  From the Vietnam War a PAVE NAIL OV-10A carrying the Pave Spot laser designator pod from the 23rd TASS at Nahkon Phanom.  The second Vietnam subject is a U.S. Army OV-1C from the 131st SAC at Phu Bai, Vietnam.  As an option for the F-35A markings for one of the 3rd squadron Royal Australian Air Force at RAAF Williamtown from December of 2018. To round out this sheet a E-2D, the latest variant of the Hawkeye from VAW-121 onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln from September of 2018.

These sheets will retail for $18.50 and be available in a few weeks.

Mark S.

Wolfpak Decals




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Thanks for the selection of B-52s, the B-52E is especially welcome if it can be built OOB from the Revell B-52D kit, I love those old silver and white BUFFs with the big SAC / unit badges on the nose.


I understand that the B-52F needs the "hard-drive" alternators to supply electrical power to the aircraft attached to the left-hand side of each podded pair of engines. Looks so cool with the mission markings and the gloss black undersides!


Nice one Wolfpak Decals 🖕





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14 minutes ago, viking73 said:



Those B-52Fs are pretty cool looking.  I’ll have to buy this one and figure out how to do an F model at some point 😃




BUFF Master Design has a conversion set, which Kitlinx has in stock LINK  No idea on the quality though.  Somebody over on Britmodeller also said that Modelcollect would eventually release an F model; although, I had never heard that before.  Finally the aftermarket company Black Dog just released a whole batch of resin versions of U.S. strategic nuclear weapons that would go well with a B-52 kit.




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Thanks for the kind words.  The B-52E IS EXTERNALLY IDENTICAL TO THE B-52D so it can be built from any B-52D kit.  There have been several conversion kits that will give you the pieces for the B-52F hard-drive alternators.   DB Resins made a B-52G conversion that has them and I believe Cutting Edge did a conversion kit as well in addition to the one Murph mentioned.

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One bonus with the Modelcollect B-52H kit is that there is a complete (yet superfluous) set of engines and pylons for the B-52G kit in there, too! With some modification they can likely be made to fit the Monogram D kit to produce an F. The shapes look OK, but there are no panel lines or small details.

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