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Issue with foiling

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20 hours ago, Ghostbase said:

Did you foil the drop tanks? If so they would have been a nightmare!




Thanks for your message and the photo Michael. To answer your question, the wingtip tanks were painted. As you say, using foil would have been a nightmare, plus they were a dull aluminium on the real thing, compared to its polished airframe.





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Just a tip... check and see if the kitchen foil you're using has a bright, shiny side. I had been using a foil that was dull on both sides. With the new foil's shiny side against the adhesive, it sticks like, well, glue.


Best of Luck



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I think that your model looks great. I have been using Bare Metal Foil for 5 years. So far I have foiled 8 aircraft. I am currently working in a 1/48 Mig 15 and a 1/48 B-58. AT times, foiling can be a challenge. If you want to increase the realism of your foiled aircraft, try adding rivets. I use a rivet tool from RB Productions. Following is an example of wing from a B-24 that I recently finished.



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