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1/48 A-10 Intake Set for Hobby Boss A-10

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Sorry for no pictures, but I don't have a hosting sight and I will not pay the Photobucket price.  Suggestions welcome as this is not my area of expertise.


Anyhow,    This set is a down sized version of our fabulous 1/32 A-10 set.   The 1/48 scale set is for the Hobby Boss A-10 kits and fits both the A brand the B model (  Seater Prototype kit).    This easy to install kit replaces the kit plastic parts, if you can can built the kit you can use this set.   Please see the link above for pictures and to purchase.


Thx and enjoy,


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This is great new Gary. As for posting pics I understand that ARC has the option now of straight uploading and you don't have to host soemwhere else. Maybe worth a try? I have not tired it as yet.


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The kit fan is made as part of the intake bezel.  The fan is too close to the intake, solid plastic, and lacking in correct detail.  If you have the kit you can clearly see this.

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22 hours ago, BaconRaygun said:

FYI, postimage.org  is free, add free, simple, fast,  has lots of options and doesn't past a watermark on your images.   Give it a try. 

Thx, I will

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