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I am SOOOO close to done on my Kinetic EA-6B. During the build I decided I would make a diorama. I used the skunk model Nimitz deck kit and have it looking pretty sharp. I would upload pics but can't with the size constraints... that and my work is nowhere near everyone else's on here. However, I am happy with the results. I have one issue though, the launch bar is in the up position. In fact, there was never an option to put it "down". Now the aircraft is 90% built and painted. Any suggestions on how to go about lowering it? Should I take an exacto and somehow cut it as close to the main landing gear as possible? (Again, model is all built and painted. I don't want to really screw it up)


I have the shooter in the crouched pointing position, so to have it on the shuttle but have the launch bar up makes no sense, but I don't want to butcher my work. Anyone have suggestions?


And, I would totally upload pics if I knew how, and if you all promised not to be too harsh with your critiques. So any advice there would be welcomed on the uploading as well!


Thanks all.



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Honestly, I probably wouldn't touch it at this point.   


But, if I was hell bent on doing it, I would remove the bar on the LG, clean that area up with sanding sticks, and either build off of the cut-off bar, or just fashion a new one out of stretched sprue or maybe some scrap wire or maybe even a scrap part from a different model that was similar enough in shape.  Then, carefully glue it on, hit it with the airbrush, and call it a day. 


It's such a small piece that you can get away with just cutting it off and adding a minimally processed rod in its place (in the correct position).  That would look convincing enough, especially from a few feet away. 


You gotta ask yourself one question.  Do you want that bar down bad enough that you are willing to potentially damage something else in the process and have to do hours of work to fix the mistake?   


I know some people go to great lengths for realism, and I think that's great, but to me, its more important that it looks good from a few ft away than under a microscope.... and I think your model already looks pretty good.  


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Thanks Bacon. That means a lot coming from you on the pics I uploaded on the other thread. I am improving with each model. Biggest issues tend to be seamlines, glue issues, etc. Just need to be more careful I suppose. 


As for the launch bar... I would normally agree with you. HOWEVER... (of course there is a however) the former pilot I made this for got back to me and said he doesn't have the room for it. That and he remarked the quality was a bit better than he expected. So, he decided on his own initiative to contact the local navy base where he was stationed and they are taking it now. I don't mind this at all, I appreciate it. The problem is that the people that are going to see it now will notice something like a launch bar not being correct! 🙂 So, I really should try to fix it! LOL

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Hmmmm... well then, that's quite the dilemma.    I have faith, I think you can do it!   Can you get to it easily?  Wheels not in the way?  I would probably refrain from using a blade to remove it, instead opting for fine-tipped cutters if they can fit.   That may cause less stress to other parts of the LG... but then again, I have never attempted anything like this, so this is pure speculation.   


If cutters wont work, then I think a micro-chisel from the top, with a piece of wood or plastic below.  This will transmit the force of the chisel through the rod and into the wood or plastic instead of to the rest of the front LG... hopefully preventing any collateral damage. 


Delicate, but it certainly can be done. 

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