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Kits and Aftermarket for Sale- 1/32 and 1/48

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I have the following for sale. Only thing I am super interested in now is a 1/32 Tamiya P-51D for trade. Shipping is not included. My email is dcmorrissette "at" roadrunner.com. Any questions, please let me know. Tryinfg to find a good home for these





TBM/TBF Resin Wing Folds Dangerboy 1/48 $40
BMW003 Rocket Engines Highflight 1/48 $20
Me262 Lorin Conversion Arba 1/48




VC-121E- Bagged Minicraft 1/144 $5  
Mig-21 Trumpeter 1/32 $110 CE Cockpit; Master Model Probe; QB Scoops; Zacto Pylons; CE 32022 Decals
Me262A-2a Trumpeter 1/32 $65  
F-14A Tamiya 1/32 $80 Technics cockpit
Mig29 Trumpeter 1/32 $75 QB Seat
UH-60L Blackhawk Academy 1/35 $75 Cobra Detail and Correction Sets; CE Masks; Eduard PE; One resin door cracked
TBF-1C Avenger Accurate Miniature 1/48 $30 Masks
  Eduard 1/48 $25  
Mirage IIIc Academy 1/48 $10  
Ju87B-2 Stuka Hasegawa 1/48 $30 Verlinden Set; QB Seats. Started
FW190 D-9 Dragon 1/48 $35 Resin Cockpit; Arba Tail
SBD-5 Dauntless Accurate Miniatures 1/48 $25 QB undercarriage covers and exhausts
Bristol Blenheim IV/IVF Classic Airframes 1/48 $40  
AH-64D Academy 1/48 $30 Eduard Brass; Verlinden update
E2C Hawkeye Kinetic 1/48 $75 QB intake plugs Misc Bingo Decals
AV-8B Harrier Hasegawa 1/48 $25 Quickboost Exhausts, SS Decals
Do-335A-12 Tamiya 1/48 $60 Paragon Covnversion nightfighter conversion; Verlinden Update
P-61A Great Wall Hobby 1/48 $50  
F-94 Kittyhawk 1/48 $35 SAC Gear
Ta-152C-0 RV Resin 1/48 $35  
F9F-2 panther Trumpeter 1/48 $25 Pavla resin cockpit and flaps
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9 hours ago, Carlo Salaroglio said:

I am interested in 1/48 dangerboy tbm fold wings conversion.please quote the full price kit+delivery to italy.regards carlo


You might want to send him an email as it looks like he hasen't logged in since last April.




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