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An Introduction

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Hello everybody.  Now that I've been a member for a few days, please allow me to introduce myself.  My story is, I'm sure,  a familiar one;  I recently got back into scale modeling after an absence of several decades (5).  I'm of the opinion that, like many other things, building models is more fun when you are doing it with other kids 😉.  As a youngster I slapped them together out-of-the-box, put on the decals and voila!  I'm at the same skill level as then, more or less, except now I also paint them as well as I can.  I'm looking forward to learning from you all, e.g. painting, filling seams, etc., and to  sharing some builds.  Being brand-new to the whole painting thing, I'll certainly have some questions on the topic going forward.  My main interest is aircraft, but I've done a ship since getting back in, and plan to do some armor and a car or two along the way.  As for aircraft, my areas of interest are WWII and the Vietnam era, with a bit of the Korean conflict thrown in, and I'm attracted largely to Navy subjects (U.S. and Japan), though I have built a P-40E (AVG) since my return to the hobby.


Like I wrote in my first test post, happy to be here 😀.

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