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Lancaster Bomber Diorama - Motorised

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Last year at a model competition I bought an old (very old) Tamiya Lancaster Bomber kit (1975), with the hope of building it into a diorama.  I've been searching for years for a person who would have some sort of computer kit that would initiate the engine sequence in a realistic way.  Anyway this year I found a source that supplies the computer and other hardware, I just had to source a soundtrack + extras to make it look cool.  So what started out as a simple build has turned into a monster task, which I'm happy to say I'm still just on top of.  The build is still in progress, but the progress has been positive thus far.


Anyway here's some pics of the build to date.  Currently the wings are in the paintshop.  Enjoy the pics and vids.





























Lancaster Bomber Diorama Project - Part 1


Lancaster Bomber Diorama Project - Part 4


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You should check on the usual engine starting sequence on Lancasters and your engines are rotating the wrong direction.


Otherwise, a bold and ambitious plan that's looking good.




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Thanks for your interest Chris.


I've investigated the start up sequence on a few Lanc videos, and it does depend on who's flying the plane, safety on the day. The most common is (if looking at the front of the plane with number one on the left) 2,1,3,4.  For me I'm not that fussed about sequence, it's all about putting on a show for the model show audience.  At the moment sequence will be 3,2,4,1.  This is also due to the fact that I have to add different weights to each propeller so as to get the smooth shutdown right.  Nothings ever easy.  Presently just blue tac stuck to the props and they're not balanced that well.


Also the problem with my prop rotation, the motors i'm using are pulse width modulated and I don't believe I can reverse the polarity whilst running load resistors on the negative side.  I could be wrong.  Each negative wire is wired separately onto the cct bd and the positives are joined to a common voltage rail.  Might do a bit of reading to see if there is an easy solution, otherwise they'll be left as negative thrust engines 😉


Wings are now out of the paintshop.  Fair bit of touching up to do before they're good to go.


On a break for a couple of weeeks.  Then we'll get stuck into the wing wiring integration into the fuselage and start on the fuselage painting.















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To be honest, I didn't check on the start-up sequence of a Lanc. I just remembered that I have a Pilot's Notes booklet. As for the wiring set up, I only vaguely understood what you said. Other than very basic wiring knowledge, that may as well been printed in another language.


It's looking good, though.




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