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ATTN: Jeremy Coyle/Shadoweng

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Jeremy Coyle/Shadoweng here on ARC AKA Herchealer on Armorama.


I made a trade with Jeremy back in August 2018 and he acknowledged receiving my end of the trade in August. I have yet to receive his end of the trade or even hear from him. It is going on eight months now. He is ignoring all PM's and emails from me since November 2018.


If anyone knows him please let him know I am still waiting for him to return the Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire I traded him as I am no longer interested in the Academy M998 he was supposed to send me eight months ago.

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You have my sympathies. It took my publicly calling him out here and on Aeroscale, for him to return my original traded kit.

His excuse is "poor time management"! :jaw-dropping:



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I have called him out a few times on Armorama and once on Hyperscale. This is my second time calling him out here on ARC. I have PM'd him numerous times on Armorama and he has ignored them. I sent multiple emails and also ignored by him. It's a lost cause. Written off as stolen at this point.

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I also had to publicly call him out here. It took a long, long time but he eventually met his end of the deal. 

Nice you got your kit from him.

It's been 14 months now and still nothing from him.

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