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Got some kits to pull out of the stash because I know I'll just never build them. 


I ship with usps 

I accept the following payments 

- paypal

- money orders

- concealed cash "at your own risk"


Cost does not include shipping


First runner up is tamiya's new tool 1/48 mk.1 spit. 

- complete kit with nothing missing 

- $25 SOLD!!!!


Meng 1/48 mustang

- complete kit with nothing missing 

- $20 SOLD!!!


Bandai 1/100 master grade


- complete kit with nothing missing 

- $30 


Airfix 1/48 new tool sea fury

- fuselage, wings, and cowl cut from the tree.

Complete kit

-$15 SOLD!


Dragon 1/48 ta-154 mosquito

-fuselage, wings, cut from sprue

- complete kit



Decals, all 1/48 

- eaglecal ec131 bf109f-4 trop $5

-aeromaster 48-543 a-1h pt.II $5 SOLD!

-aeromaster 48-783 p-47m 

-aeromaster 48-623 hayates pt.3 $5

-two bobs f-15e 48-136 $5

-eagle strike raf sabres 48217 $5

-tally ho 48-034 kittyhawk/warhawk $5

-xtradecal x48156 raf mosquito $10   

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