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Sepecat Jaguar GR3.A / GR1.A in 1/12th Scale

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2 hours ago, salomon said:

Just amazing, I love your build.


By the way I have a question; is there a lot of sanding work with this 3d printing process?



There is quite a bit of work to do on the fdm prints, the resin prints no much to do except remove supports and light surface touch ups.

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Hello all,


Got a good bit of the cockpit done.


Construction article here…


Had a great time working on this. I’ll say this is the first time I’ve added dust and dirt to a model cockpit.  Many photos of these jets show a good bit of dust and dirt and nothing ventured nothing gained so I went for it.  Photos exaggerate the effect, mostly because with so much black paint lots of contrast is needed to see details.
























Hey what’s a tank doing here?  Read the article….




Thanks for checking in guys…




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No way, those are pics of the real thing, yes? 


Just amazing work. I really had to look at the photos close. I honestly thought you had inserted some photos of the real thing. Your work is nothing short of masterful.

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Is it just me or are others as dumbfounded as I feel? I surmise those photos are of the

kit parts, but its difficult telling the difference between the model and the real-deal. I'm

almost lost for words, or have temporally forgotten how to properly express myself. So

continue doing what you do and I'll just watch and be amazed!

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21 hours ago, crackerjazz said:

Gorgious paint job, Tim!  Looks very realistic!  What do you call that thing on the lower left side -- the one with the coiled cable?  I see it on pics of other aircraft -- is it a hand-held microphone?

The technical name is a utility light, but also known as a grimes light.  Not sure how it works on the Jag but in the planes and helicopters I flew, the light has a dimmer and beam adjustments and you could change color, white to red or white to blue on night vision goggle compatible cockpits.  It’s basically a wired flashlight, it pops out holder and the pilot can use it to find stuff or read his kneeboard.  


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