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TRIP REPORT: just got home

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I just got home form the Philippines.  It has been 2 years since my last trip and I'm pleased to report Angel is growing in a very healthy way and seems to be on the way to being much taller than her local relatives.


This trip went sideways in most ways from the start. 


The first hotel had free wifi but only in the lobby and not the rooms making daily updates difficult. 


24 hours after arriving I got some sort of intestinal bug (I suspect food poisoning, but I'm not sure).  That was followed by some sudden and nasty vomiting and other violent fluid evacuation which plagued me for most of the trip. 


The 4th day into the trip...while I was still not feeling well we relocated and spent 3 nights at the family farm out in the countryside away from the cooling ocean breezes.  Temps on the farm were about 38C or 100F with no air conditioning.  Also there was no internet of even cellphone connection at the farm....it is quite rustic.


We returned to civilization with me feeling much worse and stayed at a very nice resort for 3 days on the Island of Boracay.  I then worked on trying to get better.


Then it was off to Manila for some clothes shopping for my wife and her sister and 2 nieces.  I was slowly moving forward with my recovery and 24 hours before I flew out I was well on my way to a full and proper recovery.


This trip was a struggle due to the heat and my illness.  I prefer to go there in november during winter when the temps are more reasonable.  I got home to 16C or 61F temps and I am completely over whatever bug I had.  The cooler temps are quite welcomed by me.


Although I did buy 2 different sim cards from the local carriers in the Philippines, I was unable to get any data connection.  I arrived home only to realise I don't even have a data connection at home.  So it seems the nice young girl I first gave my phone to, deleted my data settings from home.  I plan to work on getting that sorted before I go to bed tonight.

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5 hours ago, phantom said:

Well, at least you know your daughter is doing well here! Hopefully your wife and daughter had a better time.


Yup...wife and daughter had a grand time.  Although my wife did say she prefer too coolness of the west coast of Canada.

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10 hours ago, southwestforests said:

Aw man, that was a bit of an endurance test.


That is exactly how it felt.  I love the Philippines like a second home, but this trip was really different.


I did manage to get my cellphone data working last night before I went to bed.  And I think I figured out how to get my wife's data settings working in the Philippines.  She stayed on for 3 more weeks to be with her Dad.  Sadly he's nursing a cracked bone in his leg from a fall that would have killed me.  He is one tough guy.


I give full credit to Tony Fredo in the Philippines for giving me the clue to the data problem towards the end of my trip.

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7 hours ago, DrGlueblob said:

Just a quick note to say thank you for this excellent site. It is a daily Must-Stop for me and I get great enjoyment here.

Be Well.

Chip Johnson


Thanks Chip.  Your kind words are much appreciated.

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Welcome back, Steve and good to hear you're doing better.  Sometimes I feel vacations are more tiring and would rather just stay home, kick up my feet and doze off or watch tv or both --  but somehow regret it in the end.  Definitely more stories to share and more lives to touch after a long tiring vacation.   Tummy troubles are the definitive enjoyment killer though.

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