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F-4G loads for Gulf War

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I am trying to research what would be a standard load for a Gulf War F-4G. Most of the reference material I have seems to contradict and good clear pictures are limited. 

In thinking 2 Harm, 2 sparrow, 3 tanks and an ALQ-184 would be a fairly standard load. 


Other loads suggested are 4 Harm, 2 sparrow and jammer or 2 Harm, 2 Mavic, 2 sparrow and a jammer and also suggestion that they may have used Harms and cluster bombs towards the end of the conflict. 


Any guidance would be great.

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I seem to remember only having seen pics with either 2 or 4 AGM-88 Harms as offensive weapons. 2 AIM-7M Sparrows in the rear wells were standard as well as either a centerline tank when flying 4 Harms or all 3 tanks when only 2 Harms were loaded. Regarding the ECM pods: F-4Gs from the 35th TFW (George AFB, WW-tailcode) carried the ALQ-184 and F-4Gs from the 52nd TFW (Spangdahlem AFB, SP-tailcode) carried ALQ-131 deep pods. Decent ALQ-131s are available from Eduard Brassin - all ALQ-131s included in any 48th scale kits are dimensionally wrong.


On Jakubs site dstorm.eu, linked by Niels above, there is also a nice photo section with lots of pics.




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