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CD48165 - 1/48 OV-1 Mohawk

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1 hour ago, KursadA said:

Too bad it won't be readable, but at least we know what it says.

Cartograf never ceases to amaze with their printing, maybe it will be readable with a magnifying glass? 

Is that “One Bad bad girl” Desert Storm nose art going to make the cut?

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2 minutes ago, Corey said:


Is that “One Bad bad girl” Desert Storm nose art going to make the cut?


lol, forum correction software!


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Been holding off on my Roden "D" kit until the decals are ready.. The wait is finally over...soon.




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9 hours ago, KursadA said:

..a few final checks and this will be done - not sure when I can post profiles, but will post the draft design soon.

fantastic!  Another “must buy” for me!

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There are 11 options on this sheet - there is an all-black second page (not shown) that I am still working on; and any black markings that you are not seeing on the main sheet (such as serial numbers, UNITED STATES ARMY on the fuselage etc.) are there.




The options on the sheet are:

  • OV-1C  61-2679  1st Cav Division - ASTA (Vietnam)
  • OV-1A 59-2615  225th Avn. Co. (Vietnam)
  • OV-1A 63-13133 73rd Avn. Co.(Vietnam)
  • OV-1C 66-18887  131st  Avn. Co. (Vietnam)
  • OV-1B 62-5865 GA ANG
  • OV-1B 62-5899 3rd Armored Div
  • OV-1D 68-16999 US Army Intel. School
  • OV-1D 68-15957 US Army Intel. School
  • OV-1B 62-5866 US Navy Test Pilot School
  • OV-1B 62-5903 122nd Avn. Co.
  • OV-1D 68-15953 "One Bad B**ch"  2nd Mil Intl. Bat.
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The design of walkways on the second page should hopefully make it easier to apply them correctly and more easily compared to the many-part, jigsaw puzzle-like setup on the kit sheet. 


I will start posting profiles soon - remember, this one is coming in March.


cd48165promo1.jpg  cd48165promo2.jpg

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