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Su-27 Flanker B, Hobby Boss 1/48

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Looks like the change in colour happened between 2011 and 2012


2011: https://russianplanes.net/id193497

blue 41 cool shot with live missiles and sorbtsiya pods


2012: https://russianplanes.net/id153393

red 41


2015: https://russianplanes.net/id168413

same bird after overhaul now designated red 16


I prefer blue 41

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Think blue 41 and red 41 looks just as badly weathered.....I see primer shining through in places.

But is the paint scheme the same as on the refurbished red 16? (What is left of it)

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keep in mind Blue 41 served for around two decades, so the weathering is anything from slightly faded paint job with paint oversprays over the tactical number areas to the extreme weathering as you can see in these latest 201x shots.

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OK finally time to paint....

I´m using the Akan line of Sukhoi paints, I´m going for a really weathered jet so I´m using the dafed paints....

First off light blue





Next it is light grey....you can hardly see any difference 😛


And finally the blue...



Dark blue grey where the former numbers have been painted over.




Then I begun shooting some zinc chromatic yellow in places where the paint will have worn down to the primer.



To create the illusion of the yellow being under the other paints I made a mask of a thin slice of dish spunge to create edges and stains.



I´ll keep working over the fuselage a few coats before I seal it all and start on the engine nacelles.




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2 hours ago, Aigore said:

To create the illusion of the yellow being under the other paints I made a mask of a thin slice of dish spunge to create edges and stains.




Most interesting! :popcorn:

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10 hours ago, erik_g said:

Looking good, interesting use of the sponge, now I know what you hinted at on Twitter the other day!



Hehe, works like a charm too...only thing is it gets saturated after a while and needs to dry for a while....so it is good to have a few.



1 hour ago, CaptainObvious said:

Wow! When you say faded, you really commit!
Nice job brave Janne.


Thanx Captain 😄

that is what the akan faded colors look like from the cans 🙂

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Update time.... lots of paint 😛

Putting on bettering paint spots and bare metal and more spots.



A little bit of unmasking and dry fitting.



Masked the intakes....should realy have done this before assembly.



Painted the intake in ndark aluminium and the intake lip in white aluminium on top of honey primer for a bit of shine.


Added some aluminium pigments with a brush to get some subtle bare metal sheen.



Then I masked the nacelles.


While laying down gloss black I slipped and got a big spot on the model luckily in is painted with acrylics so I could wipe off most of the spill but I need to do some betterig here later.





OK, Alclad gloss black. incredebly thin paint but it b rings a highly glossy surface...I´vce used the same bottle for more than ten years now still works like a charm.


Next a thin coat of Airframe Aluminium just to bring out the high shine.




And I finished todays session with painting the nacelles in a thin coat of White aluminium, I still get the Airframe aluminium shine tho I toned it down a bit.
I now have my blank canvas for engine weathering.




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44 minutes ago, crackerjazz said:

Sorry to hear about the spill but I know you can fix it.   But that paintjob/weathering is truly amazing!  

Thanx crackerjazz 😄

yeah, no worries I'll fix that in no time....just annoying.

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