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Now available!


First, a big thanks to Jim Rotramel for helping with references! :cheers:



Two versions are available, the early AIM-120A/B versions (shown in CATM configuration) and the newer clipped wing AIM-120C.


Both versions include separate exhaust sections and nosecones to convert your missiles to CATM versions (Captive Air Training Missile).


The main body as supplied has the live version of the nosecone molded-in and just the exhaust cone as a separate part. The CATM versions do require cutting and replacing the front and rear sections.




The CATM type nosecone is occasionally seen on live missiles so check your references.

Note the left wing AIM-120C in this pic has the CATM type nose while the right AIM-120A/B is the standard live nose:


and here's a second F-16 with 2 AIM-120Cs, one with live nose and one with CATM type:


I still don't know the explanation for that so if any of you know please chime in.


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The fins are very thin and knife edged (just like the real deal). Don't make the mistake of leaving your assembled missiles sitting on their fins or the tips will eventually bend and warp (especially true on the pointy tipped fins of the A/B version)! Instead support your finished missiles with the fins elevated until you are ready to mount them to your model.


Parts are designed to make removing the fins from the casting blocks an easy task. The rear fins require that you first clip the mounting post sprue. Then a light score with an X-acto and rock them back and forth. A quick clean-up of the mating surface with a fine file or sandpaper and you're ready to go.

Mounting brackets will need to be adjusted to fit the pylons you are mounting them on. I'm surprised at how far off some of the kit provided pylons are. AFAIK there aren't any accurate ones out there yet.



Packaging is designed to reduce the chance of fin warpage. If you do encounter warps, a quick dip in hot water or blast with a hairdryer will allow you to straighten them.


Decals are not included but Two-Bobs decals offer a set in case the kit you are using these on does not provide decals. http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p319.html


For those that missed it, during development I was posting some pics here with comparison pics to other offerings:

I'd invite you to add pics of the other brands of AMRAAMs there as well. I'm most curious to see the new releases from Eduard and the missiles included in the new Revell F-18E kit.




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I'm currently a little behind on orders so there may be a few days delay. Some inconsiderate customer (:taunt::tongue-in-cheek::worship: ) ordered a bunch of Su-27 BIG COMBOS and Tomcat intakes...

I'm doing my best to cast parts for newer orders while at the same time fulfilling the first order.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.



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4 hours ago, AnthonyWan said:

I'm gonna buy the sh*t out of these. 

That looks incredible! 

Thanks Anthony! :thumbsup2:


I'm still busy catching up on some big orders but almost caught up on the AMRAAM orders. I should soon be able to start working new AMRAAM orders in without much delay.


Some inspiration:







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Thank you Neo! :cheers:


Reviews can be found here:



Thank you to Mike at Britmodeller! :cheers:



Thank you to Brian Leitch (a.k.a. Out2gtcha) for the review! :cheers:


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