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Apollo Saturn V with LUT 1/290 (Countdown Inc. )


Dear Friends,


my Apollo stack in 1/290 scale is ready and I want to show you some pictures here.


Klick here to see how I built it.








GSVLUT005.jpg  GSVLUT006.jpg














Some details:
























Here is a comparison of what I had, wanted and got:




I hope you like it!


Thanks for watching and commenting!





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Ok - so I'm calling this one done - it's the Dragon 1/48 CSM.  Used BMF chrome on the CM and BMF Aluminum on the SM.  Scribed the panel lines and added rivets. See what you think....



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PS - I added some access ports and left the high gain as the "gold" of the photo etch parts - just liked the look of them. Also put it on the nice stand included in the kit.  The engine bell I had the inner most section as a buffed gloss with the outer area a duller sheen - as per pre launch photos of the assembly. -Mission photos show them as almost a grey and dark grey - but these are after engine firing and exposure to the elements of space.



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Hi ret,


you did a fine job! All those panel lines on the CM are very impressive!


But - I've never seen before those red rings around the Command Module. Do you have a source for them?


Anyway - I like your CSM!



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Hi Ralf and ApolloMan - thanks for the comments! The red rings are too heavy on my build, but I couldn't get the tape I used any thinner and decided to leave it - felt it added a bit of colour and contrast.  Hopefully they will re-issue - I bought two when I could a few years back and haven't seen them since.  Would love to have another - always wanted to do a Skylab CSM. Here are a couple photos from Apollo 15 and Apollo 10 showing the red sealant rings...


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I've finished my 1/144 Apollo 15 Saturn V model.  Here is a photo of her on her stand.




She now takes her place in my now complete 1/144 rocket garden of all US manned launchers.  Here are a couple of pics.


That is 1/144 scale IMR ISS model in the background.



Here it is from a different angle.


The members of the garden are Apollo 7 Saturn IB, STS-31 Discovery, Apollo 15 Saturn V, Gemini 5 Titian II, Freedom 7 Mercury Redstone, and Friendship 7 Mercury Atlas.  Those models were built over the course of about 6 years.  It took me a lot longer to build a project when I was working.  Now that I'm retired I have a bit more time to build.


Now on to the next project.

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Oh, the photos are all here, heheh.    Ralf, I didn't expect your conversion to look this good!!!  Beautiful job, Ret!! Someday I'll have to try and build a CM -- the scribed BMF still scares me.  And Mick, that action scene is just plain gorgeous and real eye candy.  It takes real artistic talent to pull off something like that.

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Okay, I know, it's a month after the deadline ... but what the heck, I got 'er done! YAY!  :yahoo:



I haven't decided how to display this in it's final version, but this is close.

The CSM is too low and I would ideally like to have it 4 or 5 feet above the LM, but realistically, not gonna happen.








Thanx for participating in this Group Build, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the 1st Lunar Landing gents ... !


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