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Dave Roof

Dumping everything - 1/72, 1/48, 1/32, 1/35, 1/25 air, auto, armor

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I'm done son!


Flying Leathernecks Scale Creations, Flying Leathernecks Decals, the Models for Marines Project and remodeling my house and yard is taking up all of my free time and I no longer have the desire to have this stuff just to think about "one day". These are almost all of my non USMC items, with a few that I have way too many of!


All items are new with no work done unless noted otherwise. All prices are in USD.


**While prices I believe are fair, they are not firm. I will consider all reasonable offers, so don't hesitate to ask.

**If you are unfamiliar with an item, please take a moment to research it prior to inquiring about it.

**Overseas shipping is getting stupid, so please consider this when asking for an item/s.

**First come, first served.

**I will not answer PM's sent through the forum, emails only

**I will not hold an item until you get paid, sorry but I want to move it now

*****I am NOT interested in trades, please do not ask*****


Payment via PayPal is preferred, but not required.


If you are interested in anything, please contact me directly via EMAIL at the following address :




Thank you,








VMAQ-2 Squadron Sunset RIP ribbon - 3.5 inch diameter Q-2 logo on 8 inch long black ribbon with "VMAQ-2 1975-2019 RIP Forever Done Easy" in white text $10.00

VMAQ-2 Squadron Sunset Patch $10.00 


1/2 scale F-16C, F-16D cockpit layout drawing - 3 sheets, each approximately 3 x 4 feet $30.00 


Paasche VL double action siphon feed airbrush with extra needles, tips, caps and hose (new in box, used once). $45.00




Model Art Photo book 01 NF-104A $20.00

Model Art Photo book 03 Su-27 $20.00

Squadron US Army Aviation in Vietnam $7.00

Squadron Combat Chronicles of the Black Widow $7.00

Squadron Detail in Action M50A1 Ontos $5.00

Squadron In Action (*SIA) M48A3 $3.00

SIA Harrier $3.00

SIA A-6 Intruder $3.00

SIA F-14 Tomcat $3.00

SIA Curtiss Navy Hawks $3.00

SIA F-8 Crusader (first issue) $2.00

SIA SB2C Helldiver $3.00

SIA USN Float Planes $3.00

SIA Gunslingers $3.00

Mini In Action H-13 Sioux $1.00


Warbirds Illustrated No.4 USN Combat Aircraft in the 70's $4.00

Osprey No.8 Corsair Aces of WWII $4.00

Motorbooks Modern Combat Aircraft 26 A-6 Intruder $4.00

Motorbooks Desert Fist, Allied Airpower in Desert Storm $4.00

Motorbooks Sky Warriors California Air and Army National Guard $4.00

Aero Series Vol.5 Boeing P12 and F4B $3.00

FAOW 88 F4U Corsair $4.00

FAOW 31 B-52 Stratofortress $4.00

Aero Detail 13 P-51D Mustang $20.00

SAM Publications Combat Edge 1 AV-8B Harrier $5.00

Aerofax Minigraph Convair B-58 Hustler (missing cover) $10.00

Aerofax Minigraph F-117 $5.00

Birds of Prey Aircraft and Nose Art of Desert Storm $25.00

Warpaint Series No. 3 A-4 Skyhawk $2.00

Warpaint Series No. 70 F4U Corsair $10.00

Warpaint Series No. 104 F-111/EF-111A $10.00




1/24 , 1/25 Scale


Polar Lights Batcycle $5.00

Polar Lights Batmobile $5.00

Revell Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino $7.00 PENDING

Revell Smokey and the Bandit 77 Pontiac Firebird $7.00 PENDING

Revell Batman Forever Batmobile (started) $4.00

AMT Original Keaton Batmobile $7.00

Lindberg Ford Crown Victoria $7.00 PENDING

Lindberg Ford Crown Victoria (two parts kits in box) $5.00 PENDING

Lindberg Ford Crown Victoria (two partial kits in box, with three sheets of Code 7 decals) $10.00 PENDING



1/72 Scale


Preiser modern US infantry 72500 $5.00 PENDING

Preiser modern US infantry 72519 $5.00 PENDING

Preiser modern US infantry 72524 $5.00 PENDING


Italeri Willys Jeep 7506 (2 in set) $10.00

Italeri MH-53E 065 with Platz JD-36 JMSDF decals $25.00

Italeri MH-53J Pavelow 030 with Hobbydecal IFR probe tip, Master .50 cal barrels $20.00

Hasegawa AV-8B II Plus 00454 (loose parts) with Hobbydecal AOA probe, resin exhaust, Wolfpack Design AN/ALQ-231 Intrepid Tiger II and partial Twobobs decal for VMA-231 $20.00


Hasegawa AV-8B 00449 (loose parts) with Quickboost open brakes, Hobbydecal AOA probe, Aires cockpit, Aires wheel well, Resin exhaust, metal LAU-7, Superscale 72-586 data, Superscale 72-625 Desert Storm aircraft $30.00


Hasegawa F-35B 02291 JASDF $20.00

Hasegawa UH-60J 01965 with Platz HC72-1 JASDF 40th Anniversary decals $30.00

Hasegawa EA-6B Prowler 1137 with Aires cockpit, Eduard PE detail set, Eduard Brassin HARM, Academy HARM, Hobbydecal IFR probe tip, parts from Fujimi A-6E $30.00


Helicopter package (no boxes, all in Sterilite container)

Fujumi UH-1N, Italeri AH-1T, AH-1W and UH-34 $20.00


Jet package (no boxes, all in Sterilite container)

Hasegawa F9F-2, Academy F2H-3/4, MPM FH-1 Phantom $15.00


A-6E Intruder package (no boxes or instructions, all in Sterilite container)

At least three complete kits with parts for a fourth.

2 x Eduard Brassin Mk.20 sets, 2 x Verlinden Mk-82 bomb sets, 3 x True Details GRU-7 seats, Wolfpack Design AN/ALQ-167, partial Eduard PE set, 3 x Hobbydecal AOA probe tips, Superscale 72-413, Superscale 72-631, Furball 72-006 Bombcat Weapons Decals $50.00



1/32 Scale


Zoukei-Mura US Weapons Set (bombs and rockets) $20.00

Trumpeter F6F-5N 02259 $40.00

Trumpeter TBM-3 02234 $80.00

Czech Model F-80C 3202 $40.00

Czech Model T-33 3203 $40.00

Special Hobby T-2C 32059 $40.00

Academy F-16CG/CJ with F-16A parts from Hasegawa kit $80.00


1/32 Aftermarket


AMS Resin GRU-5 A-6A ejection seats $10.00

Grand Phoenix F4U-4 cockpit $15.00

Wolfpack Design M117 750lb bomb $7.00

Wolfpack Design AV-8B II Plus cockpit $15.00 PENDING

Aires SJU-17 for F/A-18E $7.00

Eduard Brassin Mk-84 2000lb bomb $10.00

Eduard Brassin Mk-84 2000lb bomb $10.00

Eduard Brassin Mk-82 500lb bomb with Snakeye fins $10.00



1/35 Armor


ICM US Infantry 1917 $5.00

Tamiya M561 Gama Goat $10.00 PENDING

Tamiya M561 Gama Goat $10.00 PENDING


Tamiya M1025 kit 35263 with Echelon 356209, Blast Models 35051K, Eduard 35629, Calibre35 35027, Blast Models 35052K, Warriors crew, Live Resin 35044 and 35041, Crossdelta 35014 MARPAT decals $75.00


Trumpeter M1117 Guardian $20.00

Skybow M38A1 with Eduard PE detail set $30.00

Academy M3A1 Stuart $20.00

Academy M50A1 Ontos $20.00



1/48 Scale


Hasegawa F/A-18F 07450 with Eduard Brassin GBU-32, Wolfpack Design F414 nozzle set, Aires SJU-17 ejection seats, Wolfpack Design ATFLIR, Furball 48066 Team Factory CVW-8 at War $100.00


Hasegawa F-16C 07232 $20.00

Hasegawa F-16IQ 07412 $25.00

Tamiya A-1J with Cutting Edge cockpit $35.00

Academy F-4B/N 12315 $35.00

Academy SBD-5 12329 $20.00

ICM C-45F/UC-45F 48181 $25.00

Pro-Modeler F4U-5N (Hasegawa) with Jaguar resin update set and several photos of the -5N at the Planes of Fame Museum $30.00

Italeri AD-4W $20.00

Italeri S-3A/B $30.00


AMT F7F-3N with Ultracast 48159 props x 2, Aeromaster resin rockets, CMK wheels, Squadron Vac canopy, Eduard PE detail set, Quickboost gun barrels $45.00


Tamiya F-14A with Eduard 49806 seatbelts, 48909 exterior, 48910 engines, 49805 interior and Eduard Brassin cockpit and Flying Leathernecks canopy mask $125.00


Trumpeter F9F-2 $20.00

Trumpeter F4U-4B $20.00

Monogram F9F-5P $10.00

Monogram F/A-18 FSD, kit 5802 $25.00

Monogram B-26 Marauder $20.00

Monogram RF-101B $20.00

Revell B-25J Mitchell $15.00

Revell PV-1 Ventura with Bombshell Decals $40.00

Revell A-10 with Flying Leathernecks canopy mask $15.00 PENDING

Kinetic C-2A $60.00

Kinetic E-2C with Quickboost props, Air intakes and Royale Resin wheels $75.00

Academy AH-64A $15.00

AMT UH-1D $10.00

Kittyhawk F-35B $40.00 PENDING

Revell (Italeri) AH-1W $10.00

Revell (Italeri) AH-1W $10.00

Italeri SH-60B $25.00

Italeri HH-60H $25.00

Italeri AH-1W with Monogram AH-1S (no instructions or decals for the S) $20.00

Italeri MH-60G with Eduard PE detail set $25.00

Revell H-19 (original release, started. Cabin door removed) $7.00

Revell UH-34 $10.00

Monogram AV-8B $10.00

Monogram A-1H $10.00

Monogram F-84F $10.00

Accurate Miniatures SB2U-1 $25.00

Accurate Miniatures SB2U-3 $25.00

Accurate Miniatures F3F-2 $20.00

Classic Airframes SBC-3 $20.00

Monogram AV-8A x 2 (no boxes, both kits in Sterilite container) $15.00


1/48 Aftermarket


Eduard Brassin AN/AAQ-28 $6.00

Eduard Brassin CBU-87 $7.00 PENDING

Eduard Brassin AIM-9L/M $6.00 PENDING

Eduard Brassin AIM-7M $6.00 PENDING

Eduard Brassin AGM-65 $6.00 PENDING

Eduard Brassin Mk-84 $6.00

DACO AGM-62 Walleye II ER $7.00

Quickboost F-8 Crusader air scoops $4.00

Quickboost A-7D antenna and sensors $4.00

Quickboost SJU-5/6 ejection seat $4.00

Eduard FE196 color PE zoom set for Kinetic F/A-18D $5.00

L’Arsenal resin MJ-4B SATS Loader $20.00

Ultracast F6F Hellcat seats without harness $5.00

Jaguar F-86 cockpit $20.00

Teknics F-86F brass landing gear $15.00


1/72 Aftermarket

Wolfpack Design AN/ALQ-231 Intrepid Tiger II $5.00




1/48 Superscale 48-313 VMFA-323 option only $1.00

1/48 Twobobs 48-063 Ebony Talons (Beale options only, no placement guide) $1.00


1/144 XtraDecal 44005 C-17 $10.00


1/72 Scale


Superscale 72-585 AV-8B $5.00

Superscale 72-356 B-29 $5.00

Superscale 72-857 F4U-1 $5.00

Superscale 72-651 F/A-18D $5.00


1/48 Scale


Fightertown 48066 F-14A/B $10.00

Fightertown 48057 A-6E $10.00

Fightertown 48076 F/A-18E/F $10.00

Fightertown 48041 E-2C $15.00

Fightertown 48032 F/A-18F $10.00

Fightertown 48044 F-14D $10.00

Fightertown 48082 F-14 data sheet $15.00


Afterburner Decals 48070 F-111E $30.00

Afterburner Decals 48075 F-16C $20.00

Afterburner Decals 48052 A-10 $20.00

Afterburner Decals 48044 F-16C $20.00

Afterburner Decals 48048 F/A-18E $10.00

Afterburner Decals 48035 F/A-18C $15.00


Speed Hunter Graphics 48012 A-10 $20.00

Speed Hunter Graphics 48008 A-7D/K $20.00

Speed Hunter Graphics 48007 SEAD Specialists F-16C $20.00


Yellow Wings 48-011 SBD-1 $5.00

Yellow Wings 48-013 SBD-1 $5.00

Yellow Wings 48-005 National Insignia $5.00


Platz JD48-12 JASDF F-1/T-2 $15.00

Platz JD48-3 JASDF F-15J $10.00


Flying Leathernecks Decals FL48005 USN/USMC Ordnance $7.00


Repliscale 48-5031 RF-4B $3.00


Superscale 48-286 RF-4B $5.00

Superscale 48-1253 A-6E $5.00

Superscale 48-1116 F/A-18C $5.00

Superscale 48-892 F/A-18C $5.00

Superscale 48-700 SBD-3/5 $5.00

Superscale 48-501 F4U-1A $5.00

Superscale 48-431 F8F-2 $5.00

Superscale 48-421 S-3 $5.00

Superscale 48-412 F-14A $5.00

Superscale 48-188 F-4J/S $5.00

Superscale 48-253 F-4C/D $5.00

Superscale 48-271 F-4B/N $5.00

Superscale 48-097 F4U-1/4 $5.00

Superscale 48-022 F4D-1 $5.00

Superscale 48-060 F9F-2 $5.00

Superscale 48-074 SNJ-5/T-6 (missing one red stripe) $4.00

Superscale 48-200 F-106A $5.00


Isradecals IAF-38 RF-4 stencils $10.00

Cutting Edge Decals 48028 F-86 stencils $10.00

Kits World Decals 48121 B-24D $10.00

Eagle Strike Decals KT004 FJ-4B $5.00

Experts Choice 48-29 A-10 ODS $5.00

Experts Choice 48-55 F-100D $10.00

Twobobs 48-257 F/A-18C/F Demo Hornets $5.00

Impact Decals 48-004 VMF/VMA-225 $15.00


1/32 Scale


Fightertown 32012 F-14D $15.00

Elite Decals 32004 F-16C $5.00








Edited by Dave Roof

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Czech Model Grumman Goose (started, no box and in Sterilite container) $10.00

Afterburner Decals 48078 SR-71 part I $40.00

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