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Sword 1/72 F3H-2 Demon nose weight?

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Hello all, 


Curious if anyone has built this kit, and if they had to put nose weight (and how much)?  I am thinking probably, since it since high on that nose wheel.  But the directions have no weight call out to let you know.


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7 hours ago, Sleepy said:

If it has three gear legs it gets nose weight, period.  


Well, then, you've waisted a lot of lead/steel/depleted uranium on every Phantom kit you've built. Or F-100. Or F-101. Or F-102. Or F-104. Or F-105. Or F-106. Or F-15. Or F-18. Don't tell me you put nose weight into the three-legged P-51.


Seriously, there are very few kits of modern aircraft that require nose weight. I'm still not sure it was needed in the Demon.

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