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Brown and Green Mosquitos

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Recently built the Monogram 1/48 Mosquito as the B MK IV using the kit decals.  The instructions say it was brown and green so that is how I painted it.  Looking at pics on the web I don't see any mosquitos painted brown/green, all gray and green.  Too late for me now but it has been bugging me.  Was the mosquito ever brown and green.


Geoff M



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Yes. The Australians had some. Dark green and dark earth upper surfaces over medium sea grey under surfaces. From  Kumbhigram, India in 1945.


Here is a link to a review of some decals: http://decals.kitreview.com/decals/esp48176reviewjk_1.htm



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Whether some of the early Series II Mk.IV (bomber) Mossies were delivered with Dark Earth / Dark Green uppers has been discussed on (Mosquito) boards in the past.  F/Lt Peter Rowland (flying DZ313, "GB*E") remembering the Oslo raid of 25.Sept 1942, described S/L George Parry's Mossie (DK296, "GB*G") on the outward-bound leg, just above the waves (to evade the German radar, and thereby the feared Fw 190s):  "What a beautiful little aircraft this is, I thought, looking to my right at the trim silhouette of the leading Mosquito, its carpentered lines, slender, its tail cockily high, the big Rolls-Royce engines gulping down the miles.  It was camouflaged earth-brown and tree-green above, sky-blue below; on the fuselage stood out the letters GB, for 105 Squadron." Mosquito Thunder (105 Sq. history), Stuart R. Scott: p.47)


A couple things to note: 1) the serial number of Parry's "G for George" on this occasion makes it a VERY early machine, and 2) eyewitness testimony is not necessarily reliable, memory often conjoining events.



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