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Tamiya Panel Line Wash Gray on an Super Hornet?

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I have the 1:48 Revell F/A-18E and I am using the CAG decals and paint scheme from VF-14 that came with the kit. The Vertical Stabilizers on that scheme are black. So I painted them accordingly. I am now at the decal stage and am wondering what to do looking forward... I planned on using my black Tamiya wash on everything (navy gray scheme paint job on the bird), but then I have the black vertical stabs. Do I use the gray wash on them? I feel like:


1) gray wash doesn't actually work well (maybe I just need to stir/shake up the enamel wash better)

2) it would create issues to the eye having a black wash throughout but a gray wash on the stabs.


Here is where I am at so far:





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I've used light colored washes on black or very dark colored areas frequently. If done subtly it looks fine (IMHO). If you are worried about the grey being too stark and standing out too much, you might try a wash slightly darker than the Tamiya grey. There are many different colored washes available, or you can make your own using oil paint and mild thinner such as turpentine. I like using Flory's line of water based clay washes. If I don't like something, I can removed it easily with a wet cloth and start over.

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Have you used the black panel line wash yet? From the photo it doesn't look like it. I would do the panel line wash before attaching any weapons or landing gear. Much easier.

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