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:punk:  :woo:


Thank you CorsairMan .... what a STUNNING collection of Aircrafts.


The modelling looks to be of very high standards...

Did you take any models yourself ?   :whistle:

Thank you for sharing 



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Hi Holmes!


I did take down 5 models - and was dodging the rain trying to get them onto the show tables!  The judges were very kind in awarding them 3 Firsts and 2 Seconds. 


Luckily we caught a break in the rain at the end of the day so packing them back up was far easier!



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Hey CorsairMan,


Congratulations Buddy ... :thumbsup2:  :clap2:  

That's quite an achievement.. 3 FIRSTS and  2 SECONDS .


SPLENDID  ..KUDOS.   :worship:




Are you able to post your winning models on this thread 

I would love to see them...  ..:yahoo:


Again  BRILLIANT job in getting 5 winners. :smiley-whacky084:



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Wow - Congrats CorsairMan on your wins!


- and I was stunned , when opening your webpost to see my DH2 as the first image! - Thanks for the comments - it was indeed a good show all around.  You also captured my Mercury spacecraft and Lunar Module.


All the best from another Canuk,


- ret

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