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Local Hobby Shop *SOLD*!!!

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BC Shaver and Hobbies in Victoria BC Canada has been sold! It took almost a year, but the deal is done!

Today is the official last day at the current location of 742 Fort Street, and mid June we'll be reopening at Hillside Mall!


Hobby Shop Flunky

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18 hours ago, skyhawk174 said:

Well that is great news. My sister in law lives just north of Victoria so I will be sure to drop in the next time we visit. Where is Hillside Mall?


It's east of downtown on Hillside avenue, aboot 5 km/3 miles or so.

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12 hours ago, Slo-pine said:

Fantastic! A little sad for the loss of the iconic location, but great news that it will live on.

I know what you mean. It's going to take YEARS to get that funky smell into the new carpets!😃

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4 hours ago, Slo-pine said:

Hopefully the box of oddball vacs survives on to the new store. Highlight of every trip to the island 🙂


Somebody bought ALL of the vacuforms and every a/c accessory on the second last day!
We'll get more, I'm sure.
*Looks in basement*
yeah, pretty sure!

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