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LAU-128/129 Missile rails for Zacto & Eduard Missiles

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Here is a reprint of a post on Zactomodels thread on his new AIM-120 Missiles in response to Chris's question about missile rails sized and made correctly to scale:


Updated 6-4-19.   Chris deleted my post from his forum.  He is upset I posted there even though I was just trying to answer his question.  Oh well, sorry to have upset him for which I apologized. 


As for rails, look for set for the 127, 128. and 129 in the next month.  Our rails not only fit Zacto Missiles, but Eduard Brassin as well.


"Mounting brackets will need to be adjusted to fit the pylons you are mounting them on. I'm surprised at how far off some of the kit provided pylons are. AFAIK there aren't any accurate ones out there yet."


The GT Resin LAU-128/552 rails set for the F-15 fit the existing Zacto missiles perfectly.  They were modeled after the actual rail drawings and verified with actual rails.  I have not checked these AIM-120 yet as I don't have a set of Zacto AIM-120's, but the Zacto AIM-9's missile bracket fit right into the rails.   The current set for sale is for the F-15, But a set for the F-16 and the F/a-18's will be out the end of June at Sprue Brothers.  The GT Resin rails are the only accurate rails made with both inside and outside rails accurately reproduced, as well as the interior rail details and umbilical connection ports.


Chris, If you want to send me a missile to do a test fit,  I would be happy to do that.













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