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Andrew D. the Jolly Rogers guy

Boss Hogg '70 Cadillac Deville Convertible

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Started this when I got the JoHan '68 "Boss Man" Cadillac after reading some online stuff...only to find that not everything online is true! Who'd have thought it?  Totally wrong front end and back end.

So I managed to score a somewhat damaged '70 JoHan Caddy that was already built.  Found many essentials were identical between the two kits, including the chassis and engine.  Got everything except the tail lights, which I can make.  

The white is from the '68, the tan is the '70.  The 68 was complete and totally unstarted, which was a big help to this project...although this first post only shows progress on repairing and altering the '70 body.












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The interior needed a lot of work; the 68 was a little different from the 70, so I couldn't use the unstarted/mint 68.  

Also, the seats of the 70 are under par.  First to remove the massively thick seatbelts which had already been glued on, and repair the sites.  Then a total rebuild of the headrest, which is like a hood on the real thing, plus some details under that on the back and on the sides.  







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The 70 dashboard had a damaged steering wheel.  Couldn't replace the entire wheel from the 68, the styles were different; so I cut the 68's intact wheel itself from the center and mounted it on the center of the 70.  Dab of paint, and good to go.

Interior now complete except for the CB radio....still trying to figure out where it should go, was it mounted on the seat between the two seats?







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