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Thought I'd throw this in the ring.  I'm not very good at documenting things on a day-to-day basis so here's the whole enchilada. (Edited to try to fix photo links)


I decided to take a run at doing the Lindberg US Moon Ship as a cross between a bit of steam punk, soviet-style and apollo.



One thing that I realized was that there was no way for the astronauts to get down to the surface - or even out of the capsule so I figured they needed an external platform and elevator!




Used up a bunch of old PE and decals that I've had laying about for some time.  Plastic buttons were used for the landing pads (the original had small rectangles).















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At this point on the clock, the pictures do show for me. I like the look. Also like inclusion of figures. 

Elevator is definitely an idea which fits the period.
Soviet design aesthetic is interesting for sure, quite different from the look produced on this side of the planet.
Anatoly Zak has a book titled Russia in Space, well worth acquiring, if you don't already have it.

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Okay, two years later now and though the group build is done I'm still not done! 😄 But there is some progress to show, so, I'll show it.

Life in general and my messy health in particular make progress on anything quite slow any more.

First stage of texturing solar panels is underway. As mentioned previously I decided to go with decals instead of paint or printed paper for the foundation of the look.

Next layer is 1/16 checkerboard of dark blue and clear.

Over that will be glaze of clear gloss with some gold mixed in.
The unevenness of ring in center will get dealt with later in the process.

This concept art has solar panel color pattern I'd like to at least hint at, even though shape is different, http://www.esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/Images/2018/11/Orion_ESM


Etch metal parts come from Paragrafix's set for Pegausus Hobbies' von Braun Moonlander & from Gold Medal Models sets of ship railings.


Anyway, model photos,












And that's what's happened with this project in the intervening 2 years.

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