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Roadtrip Rewards - my latest Haul

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There’s not much more fun than a road trip, unless it’s a road trip that also includes going to Hobby Shops along the way! A couple of weeks ago, my brother and I ended up doing some “hobby shopping” in Michigan, and it was not without considerable success!


We managed to find all kinds of old, interesting and (of course!) sad car kits that begged to become part of the stash. Being kind-hearted, we of course took them in! Check out this weird mix of everything from MPC Annuals to JoHan promo-kits at the link below!


Don’t forget to vote for your favourite, either!






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Always wanted that Camaro kit as a kid, ever since i saw it in the 1980 or 81 Matchbox catalogue. It was the nearest thing to a Firebird or Trans AM a 10 year old in Cork, Ireland, back then, was ever going to get....


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You're likely right about that, roym! That's a long way from T/A Country, that's for sure! 


I just can't believe they'd rip off the T/A so badly when trying to make a Camaro cool. Of course, it makes sense, since the Camaro needed all the help it could get...

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