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front air takes of SU25 engines

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Hi all


Making thé SU25 1/32 frogfoot.  I have Two reference Books - Squadron signal SU25 on action and Sukhoi SU25Frogfoot "Thé soviet unions tank buster"

By Yefim GORDON.  Both good référence Books but niether show any close up pictures of thé front of thé inside of thé jet intakes.  Now my question is does thé front air intake have a recessessed lip around thé inside or is thé inside of thé intakes simply smooth and all flat. So Can anyone tell me if that is how it should bé, or should it be all smooth on thé inside.  If anyone Can tell me, it would bé most appréciated and even a picure i could use as a référence.


Hope somone Can help.





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