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Karaya Captured Fw190 Vol 5: too few decals

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Hi guys,

just finishing one more captured Fw190 in 1/72 using Karaya's excellent decals, only to discover when I am ready to put the decals on that there are only 4 of the 6 roundels present for the blue aircaft. Either I lost the two that apparently are supposed to come on a additional small sheet, or they weren't present in mine.


See here (link showing 1/48 decals, but they are the same)




I am hoping that Karaya might help me out (if and when they answer my mail), but I am already looking for a plan B. E.g. someone who has this sheet but doesn't want to do this particular aircraft.



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Hi Ken, I've already used all the other decals on 3 other kits.

Besides, trimming the bars doesn't give the right insignia as the stars and bars insignia didn't simply add bars to the disk, it also added a thin blue circle.
You might notice that in the star-in-disk insignia the stars touch the edge of the disk, while they don't in the stars-and-bars.


But meanwhile, it seems the problem is solved. Karaya got back the other day, offering replacements.




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