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Has Anyone In The US Ever Used Tracks and Troops

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I would like to know how reputable Tracks and Troops Online Store is, especially with shipping to the US. I found some things on that site that I've not seen anywhere else or cheaper than what I would find with the vendors I usually deal with on EBay. I looked at their shipping charges and saw that they reserve 30 Euro but only charge a lower rate corresponding to what it actually costs. Have they overcharged anyone or not delivered when they promised? I'm like a lot of people, retired and on a single paycheck that has to last a month so I have to watch how I spend. My days of overtime and bi-weekly checks are over so after I pay all my household bills what little I have left is budgeted out for my hobbies. If I can make those dollars last I can get more models, especially items that I can't find in the US. 

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