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Wheels for a 1/48 Piper Cherokee 140 needed

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Hi all


Im building a model of my Dad's  Piper Cherokee 140.  Im using thé minicraft 1/48 kit.  I only ever do 1/32 military fast jets so dont have a lot of knowledge about parts ect in small scales. Thé model kit has spats (wheels covers) over all three wheels and m'y Dad's aircraft didnt have spats5.  Thé wheels in thé kit are moulded with thé spats so thé wheels and spats are one pièce on all three wheels.  Does anyone have any ideas of what aftermarket wheels I could use in place of thé kit ones?  Even 1/72 fighter aircraft wheels might work as not very Big. I would need a nose wheel of about 8mm in diamater and Two main wheels of 9 or 10mm in diamater and all three wheels approximately 4mm in thickness.  Does anyone have any ideas of where I could get wheels of this size?  Thé inner tyre rim doesnt matter what it looks liké as that can bé sanded/filled or whatever to make them correct.  So Im Desperate for help or ideas as what wheels I could use and where to get them.


Thanks all and hope you can help



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