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1/48 DC-130A, VX-30 Bloodhounds

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On 8/15/2019 at 7:52 AM, Dutch said:

Andy, I saw the DC-130 at IPMS Nats in Chattanooga.  I took several photos.  Very impressive build with the interior and the modified drones.  It looks really nice!   I was only there for a few hours on Friday before seeing the grandkids and picking up my son on his cross-country helo flight.  How'd you do?  R/ Dutch

Hey, alright, too bad I didn't get to meet you.

The DC-130 didn't place, and I was certainly not surprised...it's big, it's eye catching but from a judging perspective I knew it had a few "dings" here and there...notably (to me anyway) I had issues with the cockpit glass framing chipping away...paint just didn't want to stay on that clear plastic. Also, I incurred a rub spot from the journey that I had to touch up on the forward fuselage.


But all in all I just want to put stuff on the table that's a bit different and tells a story. Had a great time over the four days we were there.

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