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1/32 Zoukei-Mura Ki-45 Nick

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Big kit with a big box!  I've been looking forward to getting this one since seeing the mockup kit at the 2018 Nationals.  I finally cleared off the bench and put this guy on it:



The instruction book is a bit intimidating as it truly is a book with 100s of images.  But once you get used to the format (each step can feature multiple explanations of exactly where each piece goes!).  And oddly - at least for us aviation modelers - construction begins with the engines!  And these are a treat - check this out:


Pistons!  Of course they will be immediately hidden within the cylinders in the first step:


To tell you the truth - the construction of these engines has been a lot of fun.  The parts fit together perfectly and look great when painted up.



I especially like the large exhaust manifold - I "rusted" it as follows

First - just Tamiya As-12 Aluminum Spray


Then a thin coat of Tamiya Medium Brown and a couple drops of Nato Black (thin... like 2/3 thinner)


Then I washed with Mig Ammo Track Wash followed by Light Rust... and then a bit of Tamiya Weathering Powder Rust... all sealed in with a flat coat



So the engines are done (I'll have a picture of the mounted engine next time)



Next up... the cockpit....





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