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AK Real Colors versions of RLM 02 and RLM 66

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Hi guys,


I have just received AK Real Colors paint set #61 "Luftwaffe WW2 Interior Colors" as well as their book regarding aircraft colours. The set includes two versions of RLM02. One is labelled 1938 and is a very light green, while the other, labelled 1941, looks more to what I'm used seeing when looking at RLM 02 paints (not to mention a third RLM 02 in their armour range labeled as RAL 7003 - RLM 02). The same goes for their RLM 66. Again, two versions. The 1938 is dark gray, while the 1941 is a dark green.


The book itself does not explain these discrepancies (IMHO, the book about armour is much more complete and more informative than this one about aircraft).


To this date, I had never seen these two shades of both RLM02 and RLM66. Does anyone have any information regarding these colours that I might have missed?


EDIT: The book does mention a change in the RLM02 colour chip in 1941, but what I said before still stands. The colour issued by AK Interactive as their "1941 RLM02" (RC266) looks much more like the RLM02 I've seen since I started building aircraft than the one labelled "1938 RLM02" (RC265),

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