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Silberweiss color || What did it look like?

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Hi guys,


I just got a Dora Wings Bf109A/B and I wanted to build it as an A model during the Spanish Civil War. The instructions call for "Silberweiss", but I'm not sure what this colour looked like or how to obtain it. I don't think it was just plain silver, according to some builds I've seen online.


Would it look like the modern RAL 9006 (White Aluminium? Maybe a bit lighter. Any idea?




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Real Colors of WWII Aircraft (AK Publishing) says:

"The Initial finish of the first serial-produced Bf 109s that reached Spain, i.e. the 14 Bf 109As coded 6-3 through 6-16, is still a matter of numerous discussions between the researchers. This author tends to agree with Lynn Ritger, who proposed a silver (with some parts left in bare metal as can be seen on photos of 6-7) overall colouring. David Johnston cites a S/88 document from January 1938, which mentions a silberweiß (silver-white) camouflage colour, and Lt. Josef Föröz description of his Bf 109A coded 6-16's finish being silver-grey. What is certain is that some kind of coating had been applied, as some photos reveal damages to the paint layer, down to bare metal. Worth nothing is the very smooth finish of "Antons", the panel lines were apparently taped over (AF Editores Archive)"


Interesting discussions with lots of pics here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/early-bf-109-spanish-civil-war-t186474.html

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