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Static Grass Applicator - Yea, It's Worth It

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Early Summer, 1987: Tuesday Afternoon Maneuvers on the Steppe.  


For years, I'd seen diorama, wargaming, and model railroad people talk up static grass applicator tools.  I admit, I was skeptical about having a single-purpose tool for applying static grass.  And unless you build your own, they're not typically cheap.  But having tried one, I'm convinced.  


This is in 1/35 scale, with various sizes of grass.  The longest is 12mm.  I also added some Noch leaf products to represent various weeds, too. I'm not entirely happy with the total scene, as I'd like to see more dense coverage at the edges.  In future I'll experiment with different colors and lengths of static grass, too.  I used a water/Mod Podge combination to adhere the grass, and Mission Models' Polyurethane Intermix, properly thinned, to attach Noch leaves.  Next time I will experiment with the MM Poly for all foliage.  Since that intermix has a short shelf life, relative to paints, this is a good way to get value from it if I use MM paints.


The BMP is ESCI's old kit.  (The project was also to test Ammo paints, which generally worked well, too.)  




Now compare it with an earlier project (more pics here) where I just sprinkled the same grass product by hand:



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