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Space Fire Support Ship William Tell

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Since the completion of the Space Assault Ship, Toronaga, I have started working on a companion ship that would provide accurate long range fire power in support of various missions.  I havent come up with a name for it yet but have a couple ideas.

This ship is based on another old battleship but will once again be a new class with different weapons and engine systems

I have once again started with a brand new clean deck, modified some of the superstructure and elimated shole sections of others.  The egine will look completely different.  Free Time Hobbies is once again happy with me because of all the extra weapons and parts I have ordered, mostly weapons. I can still use any extra warship parts or photo etch left over.


First, the primary sensors and targeting system:


The ventral turret mount and scanner hoiusing:


The primary engine:


A few shots of the modified superstructure, still under construction:



Two secondary gun mounts and possible landing bay doors


Rear heavy missile turret, showing its tracking array.


Rear superstructure:



I have decided to give this one a name more in line with its intended purpose and capabilities.  She's designed for long range, accurate fire support.

I'm going to call it the William Tell.







Still some detasils to add, as well as some touch up spots.  The piece on the bow will represent a crossbow and a bolt will be added to the top.  There will also be some railings and hatches, comm antennas, a couple searc lights, detail added to the main radar arrays and at least one more smaller radar system installed.  A underside twin mount weapon will be installed on the bottom of the hull with 360 degree rotation, and maybe a couple other extra things along the way


I just applied the paint, a German dark green for the lower hull and a German dark grey above that.


The bow, showing its stylized crossbow that doubles as comm. and targeting  equipment.


The main tracking system and both main upper turrets can rotate to lock onto and follow a possible target.  The lower slightly shorter range turret is not added yet


The main missiles fired from the mid ship turret can also be linked into the main system for an added punch if necessary.


The rear structure controls the rest of the missiles as well as the two long range turrets that can also be linked to the main system if necessary.

The rest of the defensive turrets, including the strip of turrets that alternate high and low can be controled by the other fire control systems on the ship or linked to the main system .



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